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Welcome to my first ever book blog tour!!! I have never partaken in a blog tour before but I am really excited to start with this book. As always this will be my honest opinion about the book, I do hope you will take your time and check it out. Before I go on I would like to thank the author ‘Devri Walls’ and TheWriteReads for the E-copy of the book.

Synopsis & Review

Grey was attacked by supernatural creatures he thought didn’t exist. Upon seeing him, they called him a name he also hasn’t heard before and this changed his life forever as he has been hiding this secret from every one.

Rune seems to always have her control slipping anytime she encounters anytime remotely supernatural and this includes but not limited pictures or paintings of the supernatural.

Ryker, Rune’s brother seems to have developed an hatred for anything remotely supernatural but what came next was something even he doesn’t expect.

They are transported through a huge portal that suddenly opens up to a fantastical land that hold all the supernatural creatures they could ever think off. The creatures that myth and legends are made up off, the only strange thing about this place is that the creatures call them, Venators. Venators are people with magic that sort of justice upholders, they are thought to be very moral and strong (I guess they have to be if they actually want to be able to fight of werewolves, vampires, the fae and much more). They have to decide to either succumb to the council of the land or die by their hands.

I love everything supernatural and my loving this book might stem from my love for fantasy books. Although this book is packed with cliché elements from every fantasy book with supernatural elements that I have every read, it makes for an enjoying read.

As you would expect with there is an annoying council who seems like every other, manipulative and devious. this is with no other words to say it (I am really trying not to spoil the book because it is one you must read yourself so that you can feel the rage I felt while reading it). At one point I wanted to give Rune a good shaking because of the reckless decisions she was making. I get you want to save you brother but you wont be able to do that if you are dead. (I need to chill)

I do like how the books starts off with a semblance of normalcy, college, drinking, assholery and the sort of thing that you would expect from a book about college students, it does give us a little back story to each character before we go on a journey with them to the land of Eon. The transition between normal earth (I have no better way to say this, I guess normal earth is the non-fantasy world) and Eon was really vivid, I could slowly feel the way Devri Walls writing sort of changed to sort of accommodate the new environment. Not a lot of writers can do this and I really like that, there was no over description, as I like to call it, just enough that we know for example the color of the woods and not things irrelevant to the story as a whole.

What fantasy book is complete with a supernatural lady who is batshit crazy? character who think living so long means, not ever dying, me shipping characters together, me wanting some characters to just get together already, me wanting some of them dead.

I can never stress enough the importance of side characters, interesting side characters definitely make a better reading experience and in this book we have them, they are fun and it some extent, I liked them a bit more than Rune and Ryker, those two kept pissing me off, at least I could rely on Grey (okay, I am being biased because I like him). I guess the reason I like Grey is that he understand the world and how easy it can change so he chooses to change first. I love characters with spunk.

As you can expect from every book that is part of a series, this book leaves a lot of room for character development and world building, a lot of information was skipped that made me wonder, ‘okay, I guess you will explain later’ or ‘back story please’. Anyways I really enjoyed this book, although for now, it just doesn’t seem like I would be picking up the second book.

The main issue I had with this book was plot progression and how it seemed to drag on and on but yet still make it feel like nothing is really happening (okay so maybe reading this book in 29 hours wasn’t the way to go). I kept thinking, when is it actually going to start, when is the action going to start and when it started I was ‘oh right, it started’ (not be cruel, I guess I was expecting a little too much and this expectation of mine is justified anytime I read a fantasy). I am sort of hooked on this book and I have to read the next book to quell my anger and questions.


I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars


Thanks for reading

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  1. Congratulations on your first blog tour! I really loves reading this review. The feeling of shaking up Rune is mutual. The girl was too reckless at times. Like you, I preferred Grey more. I feel the side characters in this one really made the story what it was and without them, I am not really sure if I would have liked it as much 🙂

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