Hello and welcome!!!!!!

At this point, I have not left my house in 9 days and I am beginning to miss Pizza, which is the least thing anyone should be worried about. Anyways, classes are still going on, I still have essays and portfolios to submit and I have been keeping busy with reading and watching dramas.

Last night because I was unable to sleep I found myself watching Videos of people singing Gugak (which refers to Korean National music) on YouTube and I absolutely loved it. I think I listened to over 10 versions of the Korean Arirang song and my favorite is till the MilYang Arirang that Song So Hee sang. I really like it. You can check it out on YouTube, I am sure you will enjoy it. Note that it is one of the Representative Intangible UNESCO World Heritage. Honestly I have fallen into the Gugak hole and I am not ready to get out of it.

I also continued reading Voyeur by Fiona Cole, at least now I know why she didn’t get the money from her friend who was willing to help her. Anyways so far, she and the guy she met at the club who turns out to be her professor are currently having a sexual relationship and as much as I like not to judge when it comes to books with this trope, I can’t help but cringe.

“Love with an imbalance of power isn’t love” this quote always comes to my mind when I read books like this but the perverted side of me can not help but like it. At least they are both of legal age.


Thanks for reading.

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