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It’s my birthday, so hurry to me and yes I am still at home, haven’t left the house I almost 8 days. Which is probably the same for a lot of you, so cheer up and I am sure we will overcome this today.

I had classes today online so basically all I did was school work BUT I also finished watching the first season Kingdom (Korean drama) and although I really loved it, I could go to sleep because I kept thinking that a zombie would crawl out from under my bed (lol). I also finished reading Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward and I am going to rate it 4 stars, I really like when books take place over the span of a few years, it builds the anticipation. I have a review up on my Goodreads (follow me if you want).

I have started reading Voyeur by Fiona Cole, it is the first book in the Voyeur series. So far I can tell that the story line will piss me off. So basically it’s about this girl Oaklyn who decides to work at some sort of sex club because her parents used the money for her tuition to buy a car (I don’t know the type of loving family she has, but that should not happen and also the way it was brushed over, was like that wasn’t crazy at all). Then her super rich friend (who by the way, is an heterosexual female who I don’t think would ask her to do anything in return) offers to lend her some money and she says no. NO!!!. I am not buying that shit, so she decides to work in a sex club rather than have her good friend lend her the money. (OH HELL NO). Honestly I have no issues with sex worker, they are doing what they have to do but I don’t think there will be anyone of them who had other options (specifically money from their rich best friend). I am trying not to rant until I finish the book.

What do you think about stories like this?

Thanks for reading. Stay Safe guys

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