Welcome to my monthly wrapup, where I introduce you to the books, movies, and music that I enjoyed that month and life update. This month was so different and as much as I trying to pull my hair out because of frustration and the sad realities of the world, I do have some good news. As someone who likes to hear the bad news first, I will start with that. I don’t have enough participants for my master’s research (Here is a LINK if you can spare 10 minutes of your time) and people are still dying from COVID 19 and there are some people refusing to wear masks. Yes, there is that. For the good news, my Ph.D. proposal got approved and I have admission, I don’t have money to pay for the processing YET but I believe things would be okay.

I read a number of good books this month, most of the reviews for said book will probably not be up for some time but I just felt I needed to mention them here. I started the Daevabed Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty and I absolutely loved the first two books that I read. There is also THE SILENCE OF BONES by June Hur which is absolutely fantastic, it is an amalgamation of all the things I like i.e. historical Korean drama, good writing, murder mystery, and more. I also love Eighteen Inches by Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol which I got from Netgalley, I highly recommend this book. There is also Here At Dawn by Beau Taplin and if you want to know more you can check my podcast

I was not able to watch a lot of dramas because I have been so busy with my dissertation but I am watching the ongoing drama, Psycho But It’s Okay, and I love it. I also watched lots of Chinese drama which I really enjoyed, MY GIRLWAIT MY YOUTH, and MOONSHINE AND VALENTINE.

I recommended a few songs earlier in the month and I have gotten a few more recommendation from you guys (and I need more) and here are a few more

  • Flux by Ellie Goulding
  • Everyday by Tom Aspaul
  • Paris by The 1975
  • Your Eyes Tell by BTS
  • What You Waiting For by SOMI
  • Monster by Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet)
  • LMM by Hwa Sa

Thanks for reading

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