I Learnt A Language In 2 Months

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I have had on my mind to make this blog weeks ago but I decided to wait till I got my exam results 😍 before I can give any advice.


I learnt a language in 2 months

On July 5th, 2019, I wrote the Deutsch A1 exam at the Goethe Institute in Lagos Nigeria.

On May 13th, 2019, I started learning Deutsch, my reasons were unknown even to me, as I had no reason to learn the language.

You might wonder, why not French, Spanish or any of the popular languages. Well now, I guess I can answer. God willing, I plan to do my PhD. in Germany and learning Deutch will help me on that journey.

How I learnt Deutsch

I attended a language school (Sprachschule) which I attended 3 days a week for 8 weeks. I started from the alphabets, then I moved to nouns and their genders. Then slowly to learning short and simple sentences.

E.g I have a car – Ich habe ein Auto

I learnt verbs and their conjugations slowly till I was able to memorize pronouns and how they are used.

Then I moved to writing letters both formal and informal letters (we were told to write to each other in the class and even to our teacher).

After that I slowly began to learn to listen (horen). This was specifically difficult tfor me, because I was unaccustomed to the language, before then I dont think I had ever heard anyone speak Deutsch. Slowly I began to understand spoken Deutsch, I had a lot of audio aids. I started listening to Deutsch music, and even watching their shows just to get unaccustomed to hearing the language. I am still not perfect but I keep practicing.

Then I moved to speaking which was fairly easy once I was able to translate what I wanted to say in my head. So I would speak to my friends (we were only allowed to speak Deutsch in the class). I sometimes record myself so I can correct my accent and pronunciations. This helped my speaking. I am still awkward but I can carry on easy conversations.


  • Don’t give up
  • Take your Horen seriously
  • Download lots of Audio files
  • Try listening to Deutsch music
  • Keep writing until it is second nature
  • Don’t hesitate to speak (might be awkward at first but keep at it)
  • You have to do a lot of self study, you won’t be taught everything in the school
  • Try to learn as much words as you can, because this would really help


If you are in Lagos and you want to learn Deutsch, check out Tejurolex Sprachschule in Egbeda, Lagos. This is where I had my classes and it was really great, they were really attentive to all my needs


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I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to ask me any questions

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  1. Congratulation darling. I love to start learning Mandarin next year for 2 reason cause I got to watch all my Chinese drama and I really want to add 2 more language to learn will definitely take your tips into consideration.

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