How I read almost 300 books in 2019

Hello and welcome!

Today I will be telling you how I read about 300 books in 2019.
This was quite easy for me and yes, I am a student, I work part time, I love watching movies, dramas and I have a life even though it’s a boring one.
So yes, I don’t just sit in a hole and read all the time. I do other things

So I will be giving you a few tips and trick on how to read and retain what you have read (don’t be one of those people who read lots of books but can’t even explain the premise of the last book they read)

Tip 1 – DNFing
Get used to DNFing books, if you feel like the book isn’t your vibe, pick something else.
You don’t owe the author anything. Take for example, when I started read the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout I absolutely loved the cliche YA troupes and it was doing it for me in that moment but when I got further into the books, I got bored so I DNF the series.
And I picked up something else. Better that than driving myself into a reading slump.

Tip 2 – You don’t have Follow the Bookish Crowd
This is where I repeat something I have said before. Read what you like!. I can’t stress this enough. Just because your favourite booktuber or bookblogger is reading and hyping a particular book doesn’t mean you have to read it too. You might not have the same reading taste and this would just put you in a slump.

Tip 3 – Read what you like
If you love reading fantasy, then read that, if it is romance then go ahead. Reading what you like is a sure way to read a lot of books. For example this year I realized that reading YA and Adult romance was my go to, so I read a lot of them.
Anyways reading what you like is key.

Tip 4 – Don’t hesitate to try something new
Now just because you are sticking with what you like doesn’t mean, you can’t try something else. It’s only when you try it that you know if you like it or not

Tip 5- Try out Audiobooks or even text-audio apps
I have issues reading for a long time. So audiobooks are the best for me right now. When I am on the train, when I am walking to school, doing chores, it’s the best way for me to utilize my time by multitasking.

Thanks for reading.
Let me know which tip you have used over the years that has helped your reading.