How I got over 500k reads on my wattpad book

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January of 2018, I started writing a lot on wattpad and it also happened to be my national service year. During the course of a year I wrote 100 chapters of a fan fiction on wattpad and in the course of the year, I had about half a million reads.


Before I started consistently writing on wattpad, I would always wonder how some books got over a million reads but having being on wattpad a while (being both a reader and a writer) I can hopefully give you some tips.

Important note: it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t get my first 100 reads until I was 5 chapters in and a month duration and slowly I began to grow my reader base.

Few tips to follow


1. Keep Writing

Disappointment, discouragement and even lack of motivation are things that make wattpad writers stop writing. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the type of engagement you are looking for when you start writing. You have to write because you want to and you love doing it, not just because of the reads or votes you get.


2. Use Social Media

A lot of people underestimate the power of social media. If you have a Twitter, Instagram or any other social media accounts, follow other wattpad writers, fellow readers and other popular pages that you like.

Promote your book. No one should be promoting your book more than you. (For example, I write BTS fanfiction, so I interact with other fans and follow other writers who are interested in my type of content). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA


3. Engage with your current readers

When you start having readers or even followers (who are usually about half of your reader base), you need to interact with them. You need to make them keep coming to your page or checking out your books. For example, when I get readers who add my book to their reading list, I always send them a message, ‘Thanks for adding my book to your reading list, I hope you read it soon’, this does two things


a. Reminds them to read it and also at the same time let’s them know that I am thinking of them


b. Serves as a conversation starter, for me, some ask questions, other leave story requests, some help in making corrections to my mistakes and much more


4. Read Other People’s Books and Leave Comments (DO NOT SPAM)

This one is as important as any other on this list. As much as you want people to read your book, you also have to read other people’s books. Now this is not really compulsory but I can list a few benefits of this

a. It gives you a sort of presence among other writers in the wattpad community

b. You get to see other works and sometimes find things that will help you improve your writing

c. Leaving interactive comments, helps you gain audience from other readers of that book.


5. Read for Read? Vote for Vote?

Okay, so honestly I have to say I did use this method when I was just starting out (maybe when I had about 50 to 100 reads). A lot of people advice against this but I have to say that I have gotten quite a few readers from using this method.

Vote for vote? is one that I would not really recommend because usually these people don’t actually read your stuff. They just spam you with vote while not reading your content. (Usually leading to more votes than reads).


6. Don’t be Stuck on the Votes

Like I said earlier, don’t be too stuck on your amount of votes, for example I have about 539k reads on one of my books and about 5.98k votes (if each person that read the book voted for each chapter, I should probably have more than 200k votes) but most people just read and don’t bother voting.Just stick to your writing and forget about that.


7. Consistency is key

If you can set a date for your updates (maybe every Wednesdays or fridays) this helps your audience keep up.If you are writing fanfiction, stick to it and write it well, if you write smuts (just like I do) stick to you own stuff and make sure to state the age restriction, this kind of prevents misunderstanding. Your readers expect something when they click on your updates and you have to deliver everytime.


my wattpad book @FictionRepublic


This is all I have for now, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.Now these are not strict tips, you can tweak them to work for you..


Thanks for reading.

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