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I blew through this book. Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are just amazing, they are back with another and it is as heartbreaking, heart-mending and hot as hell.

You know how much I appreciate books with rockstars as main characters. That was just an additional spice in this book.


Years ago they were pen pals, then a traumatic event pulled them apart. Luca seems to have forgotten her pen pal Griffin while she is buried in her past and struggling with her agoraphobia every day. One day she gets a letter from him, and all he as to say if how much she sucks.

This letters seems to bring out that passion she once felt and this results in her writing a response, which leads to them communicating again.

Griffin who was living in London is now a big time leader of a band and well known but since he is using a pen name, she never found out. He is intrigued by her letter so he sets out to find who she is, only he doesnt know that she has also found the will and has set out to find who he is.

When she finds him, he isn’t what she expects but that doesn’t dim the passion she feels for him.

This is me trying so had not to spoil the book.


And yes I curated a short playlist which I have titled LUCA

  • Love Poem by IU
  • Oh Luca!
  • Adore by Dean Lewis


I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars


If you would like to hear the song OH LUCA! Then click this LINK


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