Books I Read Recently #23

Welcome to another book review!

I have finally pulled myself out of my reading slump by reading lots of books in the romance genre. Honestly, while I hate getting myself in a reading slump, I think once in a while when it happens, I find myself doing other things that I actually enjoy. If you think you are in a reading slump, don’t just try to get back to reading by forcing yourself. Try out other things, try watching movies, playing games, listening to new music, or even take a trip around your county. Wear a mask!

Anyway here are a few books that I have read in the past few weeks! I hope you find one that you might enjoy.

The Rivals by Vi Keeland


It is a very interesting take on the enemies to lovers trope! Weston and Sophia are just the couples that we all need but don’t know yet. I think the fact that their hate did not rise from misunderstandings was just perfect for me. this book is not that long and saying too much will spoil what makes this book special. Weston and Sophia have been enemies for as long as they can remember. their youthful fling seems to be back to hunt them because they meet again. But this time they are both on their way to acquire the hotel that has been left to both of their grandfathers. the highest bidder gets to be the controlling shareholder. As you can expect, they both want it and it appears that they and their disputing families are willing to do anything to get the shares. It is such a hot and sexy journey getting to know Weston who is a recovering alcoholic and Shopia who has trust issues!


I gave this  book 4 out of 5 stars

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams


While I did not really enjoy the second book in the series. I happen to like this one a bit better. Here we follow Alexis after she came out about the sexual assault and the predator celebrity chef she used to work with. She created a cat cafe where she helps cats find homes and it also becomes a place of solace for women who have also suffer sexual violence.
We also follow the friendship between her and Tech guru Noah who she met when she first came out with her accusations. They remained friends since and they have sort of fallen into a balance, where she is comfortable with him around and he wants her to always be around. However, he is unsure if his new budding feelings are because of what his guy friends in the Bromance Book Club have been yelling in his ear or if he actually has feelings for Alexis.
While all these are happening, Alexis also finds out some secrets that her mother kept from her and she has to make a decision that might as well cost her life.
I really enjoy this book because it brought to light the importance of having adult conversations. Most of the misunderstandings that I read in books usually stem from things that could have been solved if they just had a civil conversation


I gave this book 4.3 out of 5 stars

Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward


I absolutely loved this book. The lack of a black moment in this book and the relationship just made me so happy. I kept thinking ‘ see you can write a book without an unnecessary black moment to make it interesting’
Here we follow Sadie who works for a magazine and writes a column on dating and lifestyle. One day in summer she receives a ‘letter to Santa’ which she usually runs during Christmas for the magazine. This letter is from a child named Birdie Maxwell. After numerous letters and gifts, Sadie begins to feel a bond between her and Birdie. Most especially her hot dad. Sadie finds out that Birdie is living with her widowed father.
One spontaneous accident leads to Sadie pretending to be the German dog trainer. *I will speed through the rest because I do not want to spoil it* Sebastian Maxwell finds out that Sadie is a fake and he kicks her out. However, this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship and secrets.


I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars

The Dare by Elle Kennedy


Just like other books written by Elle Kennedy, I really enjoyed this book.
It starts with a dare at a party. She is dared to make out with a star hockey player, Conor Edwards. She is a girl who has always felt insecure about the way she looks and does not think that Conor who is a known player would be interested in her.
Well as expected, the pretense because more for both of them and they soon start dating for real. She is a virgin who is not ready to have sex and he is willing to wait for her. Honestly, I feel like I have read this before but I might be mistaken.


I gave this book 3.2 out of 5 stars

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith


After the death of her father, Nikki had to quit her job and go back home to help her mom. Fulfilling her father’s dream by opening a food truck business along with her mother. While things weren’t exactly going well with their business, especially with declining sales and bills piling up, she believed she could pull through. Then comes Callum James. He and his brother just happen to park their van beside Nikki’s which would further drive down their business, and also it is an unspoken rule that Tiva’s Filipina Kusina was taking that spot. But since Callum is an ass, he rudely refused to leave and this was the start of their social media famous squabbles that indirectly led to increasing sales.

An unexpected journey to London led to them spending the whole ride together and something about airplanes makes them horny, I guess. Anyways, they decide to give dating a try, and soon they cannot get their hands off each other. They continue their fierce competition during the day but at night they give in to each other (that is so cheesy).

There is a lot more that happened in this book but I am trying not to spoil it.  While this book might just be slightly over 300 pages, it sure packs a lot.


I gave this book 4.7 out of 5 stars

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