Books I Read Recently #21

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Sergei: A Dark Mafia Romance by Naomi West


Okay, so I read this book immediately after my… which I posted on my blog. But this book just didn’t give me what I was expecting from a mafia book. So admittedly, I do agree that there is a badass main character who is a mafia stereotype, he is broody, he is sexy, he can kill very easily, and to top it off, he has a huge dick. However, he is so lacking as a character, I mean if you are going to be a boss, be a boss but he just wasn’t giving me boss vibes. There is also the female main character, who I actually liked a bit, she was own that took her situation in stride and made do with her situation.
It felt like her pregnant belly wasn’t even growing which made the story very stagnant. Aside from that characters were just killed off left and right. There were some characters that we really did not need to know about. Gosh! It hurts me that I didn’t enjoy this book because I know how much it could have been better. I did not finish this book, however, there were just 2 chapters left before I couldn’t do it anymore, which says a lot. I may not like it but you might if mafia stories are your thing.


I gave this book 2.2 out of 5 stars

Not My Romeo by Ilsa Madden-Mills


Okay, this is my second time writing this review and I am pissed but never mind!
So we follow Elena who has left her job at a publishing company to return back to her small town to pursue her dream of becoming a designer. However, things begin to go downhill when her boyfriend started dating her sister without even breaking up with her (major asshole if you ask me). So when her family friends set her up with a weatherman she decides to go on the date and at least if things don’t go well she might as well eat good food. But what she wasn’t expecting was a hot and charismatic man. She mistakes Jack Hawke a professional football player as her date and they end up striving a conversation. At this point, she happens to be the only one in the restaurant that doesn’t know Jack.
Jack is intrigued by her and the absence of adoration that lots of fans used to have for him. That is until the little expose that his former girlfriend published about him, basically accusing him of hitting her. So evidently he is not a fan’s favorite right now and his management is doing everything to repair his image. So the lack of contact with people and this girl who fascinates him, he begins to pretend to be a weatherman and that is how they get through the night even after some hiccup. They end up going back to his apartment and having a wild night but when she wakes up and he is not there, that is when things become clear about him. The book picks up from there and we see how Romeo comes into play!


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars

10 Things I Hate About Pinky by Sandhya Menon


I have always loved all of Sandhya Menon books but this one is just hitting it for me. I don’t think it was the book, it was just the time I read it. So I might be a little pessimistic with my review. However, I plan on reading this book again soon when my thesis is not oppressing me.
We follow Pinky and Samir who are characters that we know a bit of them from the other books in the Dimple and Rishi Universe (I heard rumors that there would be a movie adaptation of the first book and I am hoping that is true). Pinky is the rebel who loves getting on her conservative parent’s nerves. she dyes her hair and dates boyfriends that she knows that they don’t approve of, not really because she likes these boys but because she knows it irks them. Then comes Samir who Pinky has met a few times and she knows he is stuck up and the perfect Indian son. He is basically a walking breathing stereotype, however, he is just himself and he is fine being the person he is. However, he does feel some sort of responsibility for his mother who has been struggling since the death of his father through her loss and also her illness.
But on the first day at his internship, the lawyer he is meant to shadows is sent to rehab and he has to either find something quick or spend his dream summer living at Pinky’s parent place. They decide to lie to Pinky’s parents that they are dating and her parents welcome him with open arms. He is everything they want and more. He is perfection, they offer him a place at their firm, and the book kind of picked up from here.
At this point in the book, I kind of drifted off but I really enjoyed it. Like I said before this was not because the book was boring, it was my state of mind.


I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars

Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting


I absolutely loved this book. Its been a bit since I read a Helena Hunting book but I am just so happy I made time for this book. I read it as soon as I got my hands on them. We follow Blaire who has just opened her shop called the Cupcakery where she sells cupcakes and cocktails and it all fancy. the type of place you go to take Instagram worthy pictures at. She is so happy that she was able to start this business on her own without the help of her dysfunctionally rich family, that owns a chain of high-class restaurants, the type you go eat lobsters and caviar at.
But little does she know that her neighbor is going to open an ax-throwing station in his bar and it is going to be a bro dude kind of place. When her pretty unicorn cups fall off the wall because of the construction in the place, she decides it was time she spoke to her neighbor. You can probably guess what I am going to say next, he is a hot smoking piece of ass, Ronan Knight. God damn, he is steamy (I have to say that the book cover does do him justice, where are the tattoos). surely, she tells him off and he cannot help but love her sassy prim, and proper mouth and the attitude she is serving to him.
They manage to step on each other toes until she does her grand opening and he comes to her shop to buy her cupcakes. Which he proceeds to engage in food porn with while lots of drooling women watched (of course they want a piece of him, but the most they are getting was the cupcakes, which wasn’t bad for Blaire’s business). He ends up passing cards and invitations to his bar which he also decided to open on the same day.
She is pissed and she goes over to him and for me at this point in the book is when their attraction sparked and I was just so drawn into their relationship.
I hope you check this book out


I gave this 4.8 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading.

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