Binge|| Season 1 Episode 1 (Author Edition)

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I decided to start this type of post because of recent events. I realized that when I love one book by an author, I can’t stop until I have had my fill and it is same with musicians, actors, Scientists, researchers and much more.

To start BINGE Season 1 (which as its name indicate, will be me bingeing a lot of content by a single person) I will be focusing on A Writer.

To start this pilot episode, I will be picking L.J. SHEN as the Author whose books I will be bingeing.

Now, I have been reading a lot of her books since the beginning of the year before deciding to pick her for the first episode of this series.

And most of her books I love, obviously everything is not perfect but I believe you will find one or two of her books you will love

Let’s go…


Sinners of Saint series

The Sinners of Saint is a five book series consisting of Defy, Vicious, Ruckus, Scandalous and Bane.


Vicious (⭐⭐⭐)

He is an asshole but she loves him
That’s the simple plot of the book. Anyways it’s about this girl millie whose parent have to move to work at a mansion.
This move benefits them in every way but what she didn’t plan is that she will meet Vicious who is an asshole but fall deeply for him.
It’s the little things that accumulate then soon she is dating one of his best friends and as you can guess Vicious goes crazy and sends her away.

Years later they meet again and the sparks is still alive between them.

This is one steamy sexy book


Ruckus (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The way I blew through this book was ridiculous

So in this book, we follow Dean’s story and how he and Rosie (who happens to be his ex girlfriend sister, you need to read the first book so you get the jist).
He was in love with her for ten years and they are finally in a place where they can explore their relationship.
Rosie has cystic fibrosis and she tries not to develop any permanent relationship because she feels she has limited time and hence the reason she broke up with her doctor boyfriend who just proposed to her.
Ruckus Dean seeing his opportunity isn’t going to let it pass by.
He is moving in for the kill.

Looking for a steamy read, look no further.


Scandalous (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

This follow trent who after knocking up a stripper in Chicago and her delivering his child, abandoned her and ran away.
Years later he falls in love with 18 year old Edie who is the daughter of his partner at the company.
Edie’s father hates trent but he doesn’t give a fuck. The bad blood seems to go way back and they are hell bent on destroying each other.

Even with this, he is drawn to Edie who is 15 years his junior and he doesn’t seem to care what anyone says because he is in love with her.


Bane (⭐⭐⭐)

So this one is about Bane, whose first appearance was in Scandalous, he is Edie’s ex boyfriend. He is a bad boy, of course but he is also a product of rape but what happens when he falls in love with a girl who has also suffered abuse and is damaged.

This is a book on survival and I really love it


All Saints High series

This is the spin off to the sinners of saint series and so far we have gotten Pretty Reckless and Broken Knight.


Pretty Reckless (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

I have loved all of shen’s books and this is no exception.

Here we follow Daria who is the daughter of one of the hot holes

We are also introduced to Penn who is the captain of the rival football team and Daria’s soon to be foster brother.

A terrible past ties them together and they are both ready to get their revenge only things doesnt go has they plan and they fall in love

Best way to read this book is to go into it knowing nothing


Broken Knight (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Dealing with loss is something that a person don’t understand until they actually have to deal with it.
This book is one that I could really relate to, it’s always so hard to deal with and not as easy as it was in the book but I could feel the pain and the acceptance.

I have been following this series since I read the Sinners of Saint series and I am just so happy with the continuation.

Knight as been in love with Luna for as long as he can remember but her selective muteness is something that as put a strain on their relationship. When she decides to go to an out of state college leaving him, it seems to be his breaking point, while he is also dealing with his slowly dying adoptive mother.

This book is not perfect but after reading a lot of books like this, I have learnt to pick the lesson for the story and just love it and learn from it.


Standalone Books

The Kiss Thief (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Woah it’s so good, funny, exciting, kept me turning the pages so fast.
I don’t know how to explain this book , you just need to go into it without knowing anything!!!
Anyways, it’s about this girl who has grown up sheltered and her family has certain expectations which she has to meet but everything changes when her first kiss is stolen by a senator who is after her mob leader father.
It just so amazing and I can’t stop thinking about it, the romance, the characters, the confusion, everything was just well written…


Sparrow (⭐⭐⭐)

Mobster and gangster books are my shit and this one is no different but there is something about Sparrow and troy’s attraction that just makes this book special.

I usually like more cruelty in my gang books and this didnt quite do it for me in that area and I am not into the ‘he is cruel to other except her’ crap.

Which is why this was more of 3 stars for me.

He is hiding a secret that he is afraid she would find out and resent him for, but if he cruelly didnt love her from the beginning, he could have just told her and just killed any chance of anything happening between them.


Midnight Blue (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

So there is a shit head rock star who is just out of rehab but he is on his way back. so his label decides to get him a babysitter to prevent him from relapsing. And as you can expect he is not happy with this arrangement and he decides to make her life difficult. But what do they say about hate and discomfort, it is the seed of love.
I just loved this book


The End Zone (⭐⭐⭐)

Sweet and short just like I like it but since it is a novella it is just perfect

They have be friends for years but now he needs a fake girlfriend and she has to step up and help him

Definitely leads to more.


Watch out for episode 2, let me know how you enjoyed it?


Thanks for reading.

Have you read anyone of these books? Did you enjoy it?

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