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Let me start by saying that this book made me cry. Before I started reading it, I already knew it was about someone’s pain but reading it just made all my emotions come to the surface. This book is short and a real page turner!


Naomi grew up in a loving family and has always wanted one for herself, so when she meets lmade, it seems her happily ever after is just around the corner and for the 10 years of her marriage she had that. She was blessed with a happy home and four healthy children. But who can turn the hands of fate?

Her happily-ever-after was rudely interrupted by the hand of an unwelcomed fate.

Imade develops Cancer and in this book she tells of her trials and tribulation. Her way to faith and her hopes. The evil hand she was dealt by her husbands family.

Some cultures in Nigeria, have a very tribalistic way of treating the wife of their deceased son and failure to conform to the rituals means they turn their backs on you and that is what they did in Naomi’s case.


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars

About the Author

Naomi Isimemen is an accountant with the federal civil service of Nigeria

She runs a private company that provides consulting, interior decoration and cleaning services.


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