Welcome to another post by a thirsty ass blogger who thinks it would be great to share her love for smutty, sexy BL, or Yaoi, Webtoon that she has been consuming without remorse for the past few months.

I will be telling you places that you can read these webtoons while supporting the artists and *whispering* (places where you can read it without paying but you have to deal with a lot of advertisements). If you read this, please don’t report me *crying face* Read till the end for the link.

Okay, so I have gone down the rabbit hole of smutty webtoons and manga and I will be recommending a few for you thirsty ladies and gentlemen. As always I will include my Podcast where I will talk explicitly about the webtoons I have been reading and would be recommending a bit more on there. So please check it out. These webtoons are also on Goodreads so just search them up.


Love is an Illusion by Fargo (Twitter Handle:13_Fargo)

I have been reading this webtoon for as long as I can remember, maybe 2 years, I honestly can’t remember but I love it. It set in this universe where we have Alpha’s, Beta’s and Omega’s (and as you guessed, the omega’s are the bitches, just joking), anyways in this world, men can get pregnant and have children (which is not weird if you read a lot of manga or comics, Imagination is the only limit with these things). Dojin is an alpha who cannot stand Omegas until he meets an omega who is willing to do anything to become an alpha. Hyesung and Dojin do the devil’s tango on the first meeting and what do you know, they bond and anytime Hyesung goes into the bond heat, he cannot resist Dojin. So he gets pregnant and the story Kind of progresses from there. I promise its really good.

Yours to Claim by Waje and ZZIM-BAM (I have the twitter handle for Waje: Studiozzu)

I will try not to express the hard crush I have on Yahwi but let’s just leave that out of this. I started reading this story recently and I absolutely love it, there are currently about 10 chapters up so it is easy to catch up. Here we follow Jooin who is a new student in college and he’s still not sure about his sexuality, although he has never really had a reason to question it until he meets the returning senior Yahwi and he cannot get him out of his mind. One day they end up at a hotel and thinking he is having his sex dreams, they BANG!! Anyways a lot of things are happening and I just need to continue reading.

Painter of the Night by Byeonduck (Twitter Handle: ByeonDuck_)

*screaming* Shit, this webtoon broke me, I am waiting for the next season because I cannot handle the rollercoaster that I am being taken on. This has a Saguek setting (traditional Korean setting) and it is one of the hottest webtoons that I have read in a while, I would probably rank it on the 2nd hottest I have ever read. Here we follow Na-Kyum who is an anonymous painter, he was raised in a brothel and people assume that it why draws erotic scenes of men having sex. Seungho very popular and rich noble finds out about Na-kyum and asks him to paint him having sex. We get to find out why Na-Kyum stopped painting in the first place. Seungho can be an ass a lot of the time but he is such a damn fine ASSSSSSSSSSSS. Okay, I will stop.

Here U Are by DJUN (Twitter Handle: DDjuner)

I started reading this one recently and I think it is a very sweet and cute romance story. I have read almost 30 chapters and there is no smut, so it is safe to say that there might not be smut in this, which I am actually glad for (don’t get me wrong, they are in college), it’s just sometimes, I just need something that is not too sex-based and this one seems to be the best middle ground webtoon that I have read in a while. I am just recommending this because usually when I see gay representations in webtoons, they usually are shy and afraid of being outed or they are bullied and beat down by their peers but we are not having that in this story. Yu Yang has been tasked with showing the newcomers to their dormitory and ensuring that they actively partake in the military training before they start the semester (This comic is based in China and they have a different Military service method, google it), that is when he meets Li Huan who is the broody tall *hot* (by the way he is my new fictional crush, his eyes *swooning*) and he is still dealing with the loss of his mother and he is worried about his father being home alone. Back to Yu Yang, with the little that I have seen, I am loving him so much, he is strong confident and he is not afraid to put people in their place.

Killing Stalking by Koogi (Twitter Handle: Kooo_gi)

I am not recommending this as a romantic read because it is just messed up. I felt I should talk about this because I see a  lot of people romanticizing the blatant physical abuse, murder, and just how plainly mad this story is and the relationship between Yoon Bum and Sangwoo. It is a psychological Thriller, I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate and love this webtoon. I read all the current chapters at once and I almost ran mad with how emotionally manipulative Sangwoo was and then you get to see how messed up they really both were. They were both using each other to fill a void that was created by the monstrous failure of society. BUT if you like something like that, then this is one you need to check out. This webtoon starts out with Yoon Gum stalking Sangwoo and finally one day breaking into Sangwoo’s house, only to find a girl tied up naked in Sangwoo’s basement, while still in shock that he is a scary and evil person, Sangwoo arrived and hit him over the head. When he comes to, he is tied up and the girl ends up being killed. The first of many to die. You can easily just google this one, it is so popular.

Other than reading on Lezhin Comic, I also use to read webtoon.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any that you want me to check out.

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