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My thirst for good poetry books is always satisfied by Netgalley, I get to find new authors and I get free books. It’s a three in one package. I hope you check it out and also some of these books. Without further ado, let’s get it….

Our Naked Souls by Justin Wetch


Thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing for making this book available to me via #Netgalley.
I have fallen into the world of poetry and this book is a great addition to the list of poetry books I have read this year. This book follows the journey of a lover who seems to understand the importance and inevitability of finding and losing love as he struggles through social, mental, physical restrictions. There is the exposure of man’s inner workings and how vulnerable we as people are.
There are so many poems that I have come to love in this book, poems like “Clovers” that expresses the importance of finding love through hope, “Love is like magic” which expresses the requirement of love and how giving yourself fully into love increases the possibility of it lasting longer

“Love demands unshakable faith;
The more you believe in it
Without hesitation or vacillation
The more love transcends possibility”

Then there are poems like “The Tree of Life” that expresses the fragility of love and how it needs to be cultivated. I think one of my favorite poems has to be “Act II”, here ‘love like a fairytale’ is exposed and one is reminded that Falling in love isn’t the end of the story, it is just the middle and the tribulations come after and you have to work hard to maintain your love. Love is not immune to anything, it can crumble and fall if not cultivated with care and dedication.

Then there is also “Captive”

“I am a prisoner of your memory, A captive of possibility” when love is lost all that is left is memories you become a slave for all the things that you could have done differently.

There are so many poems that I could just chant over and over again because they are just so lovely and hard-hitting and a few I really loved include
“Art becomes complete”
“These Words”
I hope you check this book.


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation, Vol. 1 by Momochi, MISAKI, Sando


Thanks to TokyoPop for making this book available to me via #Netgalley.
We follow Lizel who found himself transported to a world that seems so familiar to the one he is from (which we never saw) but he quickly learns the way of the new world and how people treated him with much awe and respect. He was dressed like a nobleman and he looked and spoke like one.
Soon he meets Gil who warns him about a group of guys, they introduce themselves and they Lizel employs Gil into his service. This is when he finds out that Gil is an Adventurer who hires himself out and he is very popular in the field.
They go on a tour of the city and they met other lower rank adventurers. After Lizel shows that he has some magical power, his entry into town spreads like wide fire and everyone gets to know about the new guy in town. He uses this fame in hopes that he would become an adventurer too and be a part of the Guild.
He has decided to take his situation and make it into a fun one.
I really want to know more but the characters just felt too one dimensional for me, I don’t know how the relationship between Lizel and Gil would progress and I am quite interested.


I gave this book 2.6 out of 5 stars

Allegria by Giuseppe Ungaretti


It took me a while to finish this book because of how heavy it was and how important it also was to know more about war and the loss that results from war.
L’allegria which means joy or merriness consists of poems that explore the realities of war from the perspective of a soldier and in this case Giuseppe Ungaretti’s experience of the first world war. Originally written in Italian, this book is translated to English by the famed Geoffrey Brock.
A few of my depressing favorites are Solider “We are like the leaves on the trees in falls” here he expresses the fleeting nature of their lives, the uncertainty that they would be able to hold on to the world against the tribulations of war, Universe “With the sea, I made myself a casket of coolness”, Clear “I see myself as something fleeting But caught in an immortal circle” this particular poem struck a chord with me because it just reveals how ephemeral life really is and how situations are just an everlasting circle.

Absolutely recommend this poetry collection.

Expected publication date: October 6th, 2020


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars

The Takeover by T.L. Swan


Having read a few of T.L. Swan’s books, I have to say that this is the best I have read so far.
Here we follow Tristan who we were briefly introduced to in The Stopover, which is the first book in the series (you don’t need to read it before this one but trust me, you want to). Tristan Miles is a rich, entitled, arrogant flipper who buys struggling or bankrupt companies and turn them into financial giants, and next on his long list is Anderson media which is rule by Claire Anderson. Pity he doesn’t know that he is about to bite more than he can chew with Mrs. Anderson.
Claire is a mother of 3 boys, she became widowed a few years ago when her husband, the ‘one’ love of her life died in an accident involving a drunk driver. She has since then given up on a romantic relationship, choosing to focus on raising her sons and ensuring that the drowning company doesn’t actually drown. She is definitely now selling her company to the ‘asshole’ Tristan because what will she have left?
So she has been avoiding his calls until she is left with no choice but to go have a meeting with him and as expected they have this first meeting chemistry, where he knows he just has to have her regardless of what she thinks. She turns him down and his fragile ego is hurt.

A few months later, they meet again at a conference in France and as expected, again, they finally decide to just give it a go and their chemistry is explosive. They move from France to Paris for the weekend but soon the weekend ends and they have to go back home to reality.
He to his blonde girlfriends and her to her sons. But the first interaction between Tristan and her sons involving him getting his brief shoved in his mouth Embarassing and traumatic for him! (Trust me this is just the beginning of his pain)
This book is absolutely hilarious and it highlights the pain of loss and moving on, the acceptance of change, and that the pain of losing someone is really gone but you have to be willing to adapt to change and find the rainbow in the storm.

Expected publication date: August 27th, 2020


I gave this book 4.7 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading

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