5 Romance Authors You Want To Read

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I have been hesitating with this post. I have a list of authors whose books just blow me away all the time. However, today I will be introducing 5 authors that write romance stories to you. Some of these authors are long time authors for me, who I couldn’t help but include on this list, but some are authors whose books I just found recently and cannot stop reading.  Without further ado, let’s get into it…

T.L. Swan

I found this author via Netgalley when I request The Takeover which blew me away. Since then, I have been unable to stop sourcing for and reading books written by T.L. Swan. Most of her books are available on Kindle so I suggest you check them out. I recently read Mr. Master which I reviewed on Books I Read Recently #19 and The Italian which I read during the Mafia Week I READ MAFIA ROMANCE FOR A WEEK. Her writing style is so flawless and natural that her characters seem so relatable and vulnerable. I mean I am not interested in reading about a character that is just too perfect. Her characters are not one dimensional and although her books are long (about 400 pages) I fly through the pages so far because the stories are so fast-paced that you just want to know what happens next. Sex scenes are top-notch, I am just glad to see an author that is not afraid to call a pussy a pussy. Yeah, I highly recommend it!

 Talia Hibbert

By now, you have probably seen her book everywhere. Her now recent work gained traction for being insanely steamy with characters that lots of people can relate with.  I have read both books in The Brown sisters trilogy and I absolutely adore them. I personally like her books because of the way the characters are crafted and how hilarious they are. As much as she is discussing serious topics from disability to body image, the characters themselves don’t take things too seriously, they basically just go about their lives trying to be the best version of themselves. And yes, they are very steamy. Unlike some romance authors, she doesn’t make us wait or even make sex the center of the relationship. As much as the sex between the characters is intense and yes, she uses clit too, it is not the focal point of the book. It is not something we have to keep reading to get. I really loved that about her writing. I have the review of both GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN|| BOOK REVIEW, and TAKE A HINT, DANI BROWN|| BOOK REVIEW so check it out if you are interested.

Alexa Martin

I have been reading her Playbook series since 2018 and I have not looked back. I have a thing for books with athletes, I don’t know why (especially since my life currently consists of me flopping around the house). Her books are not just romance books, they are lessons, they address in minute ways, systemic bias, racism, athletic bias, social exclusion, and more. We also get a little tea about athlete lives and that of their significant other (We know the baller wives). Since Alexa herself is also married to a former NFL player, she knows the ins and outs of being an athlete wife in snobby circles and it shines through her writing.

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Ilsa Madden-Mills

Where do I start with her books, I cannot get enough of her books.  I am so attracted to her books. Her writing style is great but it really isn’t that, the characters are good but the stories and the way they pan out are what makes her books so alluring. Take for exam her books such as  Dear Ava where there is a character who had been sexually assaulted, we get to see the ripple effect and how this knowledge shaped the whole story. Her sex scenes are hot and the romance between the characters is intense. However, when I read her books, it is less about the sex and extremely hot characters but how well she writes damaged characters. I highly recommend you check out her book Not My Romeo

Avery Flynn

I love her books mainly because of the characters. The romance is great and there are definitely steamy times in her books but her characters are just divine. I personally enjoyed ‘The Hartigan’ series. We follow different characters, a plus-size character, a character with body dysmorphia, insecurity, emotional manipulation, and more. I also enjoyed her ‘Ice Knight’ series wherein we follow this group of ice hockey players and their road to finding the love of her life. Her books are steamy but compared to others on this list, it is a bit mild. So if you are looking for a character-driven story with mild heat sex scenes. Then you need to check out her books. Check out my review of the Ice Knight series

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  1. I read Chloe Brown the other day and it was such a refreshing romance with great chronic illness rep! I can’t wait to continue reading about the other Brown sisters 🙂 One romance author I recently discovered and absolutely love is Chloe Liese 😍 Her Bergman Brothers series is amazing and I would definitely recommend them!

    1. It is possible that you have not heard of most of these authors. The romance genre, although well-liked, is rarely spoken about. You can start with any of these authors.

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