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I have been trying to make a shortlist of poems I have read that I really enjoyed since Reviewing Poetry I Read Recently post. Where in I reflected upon a few poetry collections I came across and how it was different from what I imagine poetry to be. (This is despite me having a poetry collection of my own, check it out here Blue Sunset check my website for a short preview). Since my last poetry post, I have read a few that I really enjoyed. I will be sharing 5 of them with you (by the way I have consumed a lot more about 40 or so at this point. If you are interested in seeing my reviews then check out my Goodreads: Theeuphoriczat) I promise I was not paid by Andrew McMeel Publishing to write this, they just happen to be a source of a lot of great poetry I read.

Eighteen Inches: The Distance Between the Heart and Mind by Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

This book is a collection of poems and prose that documents or chronologies the life of a woman who had to accept and understand the eighteen inches distance between her heart and her mind. We follow her on a life journey as she learns about heartbreak, acceptance, and as she builds and takes down a wall around her heart. Trigger warning for rape, emotional trauma, and abortion.  Each poem is so well crafted and heart-wrenching that it is so hard to move past each poem because you feel the pain and the weight of the author sharing the pain she felt. Publication date: 15th September 2020

Here At Dawn by  Beau Taplin

I cannot stop talking about this book. I was fortunate enough to read this book and send a message to Beau and he was so nice. This has to be one of my favorite poetry collections I have ever read and this says a lot especially since other books on this list carry similar weight. This is a collection of verses that address the importance of finding magic in the most basic things in life. there are so many parts to this book, however, one important feature is that it illustrates the magic of life and the importance of self-acceptance, self-love, defeat, strength, traveling, relationships and expectations. Publication date: 15th September 2020

Helium by Rudy Francisco

I read this book as part of the “pass the book along challenge” which I do with my friend (Basically we pass long books that we really enjoy until everyone in our circle of friends has read it). It was a quick and powerful read. It is filled with poetry that criticizes and reflects upon societal standards, police brutality, political and pretentious beliefs, race, and family. There are a few quotes that shed light on how Black people see and are treated by people in a society that profits off racial inequality and discrimination

Aint Never Not Been Black by Javon Johnson

Now that I have read this poetry collection. I am so happy that I requested this on Netgalley. Javon is a poet that has relinquished his truth into the lines in this book.  He did a perfect job capturing his truth, the life he has lived as a black ‘body’ in America. The way he is perceived and in turn the way he assumes responsibility for various events that have occurred in his life. There are so many aspects of culture that was captured in this book. One that stood out to me was “ON HEALTHY MASCULINITY”. In which he delves into the toxicity of masculinity. I hope you check it out

Be(loved): Poetry and Prose for the Journey Home by Dakota Adan

I really loved reading this collection. This is a collection of poems exploring self-love, spirituality, sexuality, acceptance, heartbreak, healing, and a quest to find oneself. One sentence that really stood out to me was “I will no longer abandon myself for someone else’s vision of who I could be”. I refuse to live some else’s dream for me! I hope you check this out!

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  1. What a great collection of poems! All of these reads sound amazing. I don’t normally read poetry books but you’ve grabbed my attention with all of them, especially Be(loved). Thanks for sharing these!

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