BLOGMAS |Top 10 Kdramas of 2019

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This year has just been a great year for me. The delicious amount of kdramas I watched this 2019…. oh…mercy.
Most of the dramas I watched this year had good ratings.
At the end of this list I will be adding a short list of Korean dramas I watched this year but were not released this year, that I think really have to be in this post.

Of you think there should be more dramas I should add to this list, then let me know.

I will just be listing the dramas and the ratings I gave them.

Let’s get into it

10. Search WWW 6.5 ⭐

9. Arthdal Chronicles  7⭐

8. Melting Me Softly 8.4

7. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung 8.5 ⭐

6. Doctor John 8.6⭐

5. One spring night 9 ⭐

4. The Crowned Clown 9.8⭐

I did a full bingeing of all of Yoo Jin Goo’s work, and this is still one of my favourite sageuk. Check out full review HERE

3. When the Camilla blooms 9.6⭐

This one is just amazing, I absolutely loved the cast, the storyline was good, story progression was amazing too. The side action and supposed mystery didn’t really do it for me (but I guess the story was trying to show the strength of mothers)

2. Hotel Del Luna 10 ⭐

Full review HERE

1. Sky Castle9.8⭐

That is it for the top 10 Korean dramas of 2019, remember that this list is based on the dramas I have watched and the fact that I have not watched all the drams released in 2019 should be taken into account. You can always check the list of all the dramas I have watched HERE

So this is the short addition, list of 3 dramas I watched in 2019 that was not aired in 2019 but still left an amazing impression.

3. My Golden Life

2. Goodbye to Goodbye


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