BLOGMAS Announcement

Hello and welcome!


So I thought about doing this from the 1st of December but stuff came up and I couldn’t, anyways, better late than never.
My blogmas is going to be for 10 days, from 15th December to 25th December. I will be talking about a range of topics.
Since I review book, movies, music and dramas on my blog, I can’t call it Bookmas, hence the title.

BLOGMAS topics for each day
Day 1: Blogmas TBR
Day 2: Steamy books to keep you warm
Day 3: As cold as ice (Books with egotistical main characters or just pure evil characters)
Day 4: A movie, a book, a song, and a drama (that just works together)
Day 5: Top 10 books of 2019
Day 6: 24hrs Christmas read-a-thon
Day 7: 3 hyped books of 2019
Day 8: Anticipated books of 2020
Day 9: Top 15 Songs of 2019
Day 10: Bookmas Haul
Thanks for reading.
I hope you check them out each day.
If you are also partaking, then link your blog and let’s check them out!