THE CARNIVAL OF ASH || #Spotlight #TheWriteReads #TheUltimateBlogTour

Welcome to another book! I am always excited to join #thewritereads for a book tour. Thanks to Rebellion Publishing for sending me an ARC of this book. This is an alternate reality historical fiction that is unlike anything that I have ever read. With a vast range of characters from different socioeconomic, religious and political […]


Hello and welcome to another book review! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FINISHED THIS BOOK! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THAT I ENJOYED IT! So rather than go in depth into this mammoth of a book, I will just highlight specific characters that were of particular interest to me as I went through the book. The first two, […]

MAN DOWN || #TheWriteReads #TheUltimateBlogTour

Welcome to another book review! I am always excited to join #thewritereads for this book tour. Thanks to Penguin UK for sending a beautiful physical copy of this book to me. Let me start by saying that I finished this book in one day, neglecting all my other duties because of how easy it was […]