Hello and welcome to another book review post! TikTok made me read this book series and I am glad that I did. I binge-read the whole series in a weekend and I am now a Des Flynn enthusiast and You might notice ads in the middle of this post. Your girl is just trying to make […]

SIMONE BREAKS ALL THE RULES || #Hearourvoice #Blogtour

Hello and welcome to my stop on the blog tour! Thanks to Hear Our Voices for hosting this tour and Scholastic (Trade Publishing) for providing this book via Edelweiss+. This book was marketed as a mash-up of You Should See Me in a Crown and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, one of which I […]


Hello and welcome to another collective NetGalley review post! I have been trying to read and review books that I have gotten from NetGalley in a sadistic hope that I will get more approvals. You might notice ads in the middle of this post. Your girl is just trying to make some money, so check them […]


Hello and welcome Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for making this book available to me via #Netgalley. I usually lump books I get from NetGalley into a review post NETGALLEY REVIEW #11 but with this book, I just need to shout how good it is from the rooftop, hence this post. You might notice ads in […]


Hello and welcome to another book review! You can probably find an intensive review of this book on youtube. I suggest you check out Thug Notes Video. However, I want to review my personal relationship with this book. Hesse is an author that I really love to read because of his capacity to explore one’s […]


Welcome to another collective Netgalley review! I will jump straight into the books that I read recently that I got from Netgalley. I always get more book on Netgalley than I have time to actually read and review them. This post series gives me the motivation I need to actually get that done. Lagos is […]

Books I Read Recently #31

Hello and welcome to another blog post! My local library is finally open again since the beginning of the pandemic last year and they have a lot of great books. I do regular Library Hauls on my Instagram Jungian.Reader I decided to create a bookstagram account. I hope you check it out! The Roommate by Rosie […]


Hello and welcome to another Chinese drama review! This is an entirely new approach I am taking to reviewing Asian dramas. If you have not checked any of my latest reviews, I recommend VINCENZO and RUN ON. Since I have a number of Chinese dramas that I have binge-watched in the past few months, I […]