YOUNG ROYALS … Best Netflix Show?

Hello! I have never really reviewed a non-Asian drama show on this platform. This drama was able to do in 6 episodes what some dramas try to do with seasons. From the very first episode, you immediately connect with the characters and you feel like you have known them forever. This drama while it is […]


Thanks to #Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for making this book available to me! Honestly, I have been reading a lot of romance stories for a while but this one is on another level. It is more than banter, more than love, more than even sex (which was steamy), it was a great relationship. A relationship […]

DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE – So Confusing!!!

Welcome to another Korean drama review! Since I watched VINCENZO I have not finished any other Korean drama. I have binge-watched a couple of Chinese dramas but I try not to categorize them together. Korean dramas are just so different in the level of absurdity that their stories have. This drama is a typical example […]

4 Powerful Books I Read Recently #33

Hello and welcome to another book recommendation post! All the books I review in this post are books that I highly recommend you read at least once. I have fallen in love with Meiko Kawakami writing style and the depth her characters have. This feeling and humanity of characters is one that I think lots […]


Hello and welcome to another Blog Tour! Thanks to #TheWriteReads and Penguin for making this book available to me as part of the blog tour! This is the first Nicola Yoon book that I have ever read and it is good that I am definitely going to be reading her other books. Without further ado, […]