Welcome to another Korean drama review!! I waited until this drama was completed before I actually started watching it. Which I have to say was a grand decision. I don’t want to portray this drama as boring because it really was not. But at the same time, it was not exciting or particularly interesting. It […]

Podcast: Xenophobic Reaction to BTS Speech at the UNGA

Welcome to another podcast episode!!! I am a little saucy when it comes to BTS. Especially when it comes to racially biased opinions. I mean it is one thing to not like their music another is to hate them just for being Korean. Or being a popular boy band who sing songs in multiple languages. […]


Welcome to another Chinese drama review! Okay, so maybe I have taken a week off work and education to recuperate. And I have filled my time watching Asian dramas and movies. I forgot to mention in my last drama review, the place I watch these dramas. Essentially I have four main platforms on which I […]

Podcast: AMERICA is a BIG JOKE

Welcome to another podcast episode! All eyes have been on America for the past few months. Especially with the way the Trump Administration have the COVID-19 Pandemic. We see him accuse China of the virus (while it is true that the virus originated there). Instead of actually devise plans to control the virus. The United […]


Welcome to another monthly wrap up! I cannot begin to express how busy the month of September was for me. However, I can confidently state that I have achieved a lot. I have made plans on how to further my online presence. That is, my blog post, a weekly podcast, and some special surprises coming […]