Hello and welcome to another book review post! TikTok made me read this book series and I am glad that I did. I binge-read the whole series in a weekend and I am now a Des Flynn enthusiast and You might notice ads in the middle of this post. Your girl is just trying to make […]

SIMONE BREAKS ALL THE RULES || #Hearourvoice #Blogtour

Hello and welcome to my stop on the blog tour! Thanks to Hear Our Voices for hosting this tour and Scholastic (Trade Publishing) for providing this book via Edelweiss+. This book was marketed as a mash-up of You Should See Me in a Crown and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, one of which I […]


Hello and welcome to another collective NetGalley review post! I have been trying to read and review books that I have gotten from NetGalley in a sadistic hope that I will get more approvals. You might notice ads in the middle of this post. Your girl is just trying to make some money, so check them […]


Hello and welcome Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for making this book available to me via #Netgalley. I usually lump books I get from NetGalley into a review post NETGALLEY REVIEW #11 but with this book, I just need to shout how good it is from the rooftop, hence this post. You might notice ads in […]


Hello and welcome to another book review! You can probably find an intensive review of this book on youtube. I suggest you check out Thug Notes Video. However, I want to review my personal relationship with this book. Hesse is an author that I really love to read because of his capacity to explore one’s […]


Welcome to another collective Netgalley review! I will jump straight into the books that I read recently that I got from Netgalley. I always get more book on Netgalley than I have time to actually read and review them. This post series gives me the motivation I need to actually get that done. Lagos is […]

Books I Read Recently #31

Hello and welcome to another blog post! My local library is finally open again since the beginning of the pandemic last year and they have a lot of great books. I do regular Library Hauls on my Instagram Jungian.Reader I decided to create a bookstagram account. I hope you check it out! The Roommate by Rosie […]


Hello and welcome to another Chinese drama review! This is an entirely new approach I am taking to reviewing Asian dramas. If you have not checked any of my latest reviews, I recommend VINCENZO and RUN ON. Since I have a number of Chinese dramas that I have binge-watched in the past few months, I […]


Hello and welcome to another blog post! I feel like the last person to read this book. It is everywhere and everyone cannot seem to stop talking about it. I rarely read books because of hype but the one surrounding this was a lot. Sarah J. Maas is an author that I enjoy reading mainly […]

VINCENZO – Morally Grey Characters We Love!

Hello and welcome to another Korean drama review! This is one of my most anticipated Korean dramas of 2021 and having finished watching the last episode, I think I better break down why I love this drama. First, I must point out that you check out my other Kdrama reviews as I find that most […]